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9 Business Tips for 2013 from the Top 9 MLM Bloggers Part 1


Three Business Men by Kosta Kostov

Three Business Men by Kosta Kostov recently held a contest to find the Top 50 MLM bloggers.  I scoured the blogs of each of the Top 9 contestants to bring you the best of the best business tips for your Network Marketing business in 2013.  Everything from Attraction Marketing to Prospecting is covered here.  There’s no shortage of expertise and wisdom, but most importantly there are REAL actionable items that you can use right now to jump-start your efforts in the New Year.  (This is the First installment in a 4 part series)


[kc_heading_pac_19_font_4 size=”16″ color=”#de0101″ ]1.  Being genuine and using a conversational style will open doors for you[/kc_heading_pac_19_font_4]

Network Marketing is definitely not a business for the “Shy” person.  If you have identified your STRONG Why, your passion for doing the business, your motivation..then you will understand that your focus on success will give you the courage you need to present your business.  Realize that you only need to “Sell” yourself – as a genuine person who is sharing information with people who are interested in what you have to say.  But you won’t know if they’re interested if you don’t open your mouth.  Voted #1 in contest was Cesar Rodriguez who says, “You can’t say the wrong thing to the right people.”  Cesar is obviously a pro, but has a great delivery and straight up conversational style.  After watching his video on cold market prospecting, you will be ready to talk to anyone, anywhere!

[kc_heading_pac_19_font_4 size=”16″ color=”#de0101″ ]#2  Take action – overcome your own fears and self doubt by stepping out of your comfort zone[/kc_heading_pac_19_font_4]

Not only is it empowering, but once you get the taste of it, people will see you differently.  People will want to be around you, be friends with you, be “attracted” to you.  To show that you are “ALL IN” when it comes to your business, you can’t be afraid to let people know that you are serious.  We all know about the secret fear that comes from thinking our friends may laugh at us for being in network marketing or the general fear of how those close to us may judge us.  You’re already in business!  Now take the next step and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  Voted #2 in contest was Jane Orlov, who challenges us, “Do you want to stay in mediocrity or do you want to do something better with your life?”  Jane is somewhat of a Cinderella story, but you should really watch her video – it’s truly inspirational.

[kc_heading_pac_19_font_4 size=”16″ color=”#de0101″ ]#3  Be a student of Attraction Marketing[/kc_heading_pac_19_font_4]

If you haven’t read “Magnetic  Sponsoring” then click here to find out how to get a copy for yourself.  Attraction marketing will bring about Change – in the way your mindset works, in your language, and even in your posture.  Attraction marketing is the connection between you and your audience on the deepest level – your message makes them feel like you’re speaking directly to them like you knew what they’ve been through, their struggles, their dreams.  Voted #3 in contest was Mavis Nong.  One of the principles that Mavis shares that I really relate with is how to make your prospects a priority.  Serving your prospects needs, helping them overcome their fears and solving their problems.

Attraction Marketing is all about drawing people to you, creating a constant stream of real value for people who are actually searching for.” ~Mavis Nong

Click Here to learn how Mavis attracts targeted leads and how you can too!

What ways do you use to “join” the conversation?  How do you plan to provide value to your prospects and what will you overcome to be successful?  Read Part 2 or Part 3.  Come back Part 4.. Coming Soon!



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